• December 24, 2023 10:10 pm

I am Osiime David Musisi, Male, aged 20 Years , a Ugandan  from Kabale District  pursuing Certificate in Nursing.

Since my childhood, I had a dream which was to become a healthy worker and of which am chasing till date . Currently I am studying Certificate in Nursing at Kabale School Of Comprehensive, I am in 2nd year, 1st semester and am meeting impediments along the way which is lack of tuition and  equipments to use while studying,  of which  my parents are unable to provide. Which pushes me seek for assistance and support. If I am support, I am looking forward to accomplishing my  Certificate nursing course and continue to up grade up to bachelors level, hence achieving my dream.

I extend my sincere thanks to Helping Hands Support Center for the information and  chance granted. Will be thankful if  am put under consideration .

Osiime David Musisi


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