What Is A 2Fund?

What if you could appeal to the world to support the funding of your idea, your cause, your needs? Here you can! Start or expand your business, help to provide services to the impaired, further your education, or establish a fund to lessen the burden of higher education, or environmental challenges, even house the un-sheltered? THAT IS A 2FUND


Q & A

No, but very close! There is a monthly $2. U.S.D. establish and maintenance fee. This minimal cost is needed to expose your fund to our audience!

No. There are costs placed on us to accept donations destined for you, from various parts of the earth, then account for, exchange, cover charges and fees, regulations, administrate, etc. However, 75% of receipts for your fund are remitted to you.

1st, think of a name for your cause.

Next, register your 2Fund account with us by clicking the "Start Mine" button below. After paying the small fee for the 2Fund subscription, you will then be able to create your request using our built in form where you will enter all of the information needed to express your cause to the world.

We'll provide you with a method to receive payments. For this, we use STRIPE EXPRESS. You can monitor your 2Fund account, personally in your "Member Area" dashboard where you can manage and edit your requests.

Good, healthy, truthful, and sane, requests are welcomed! All fund requests are subject to our approval and are not published before review. See our (Terms & Conditions) page, should you desire further clarity.

Your legitimate request, straightforward, and moral, is required for it to be posted on our site. Consider these things, we will. For details, see our (Terms & Conditions) page for further clarity.


Higher Education

Create a fund that allows interested persons the opportunity to contribute to your educational goals.


Establish a fund that constructs homes for those without. You can start asking the entirety of globe!


Millions worldwide are our sightless neighbors and are in need of support. Create a fund to help them with the challenges of their condition.

Children Issues

Orphanages, Trafficking, Abuse, Foster Care. Unfortunately there are unlimited needs for those of our next generation. Start a fund that actively advocates for the young amongst us!


Could your fund replace the tithe? Help missionaries fulfill their commission to further impart spiritual knowledge to the world? Make a fund!

Animal Kingdom

Start or maintain a fund to protect, rescue, and place into the homes of caring owners willing to adopt. Start a fund that takes pride in helping out!