Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What do you mean, “we can get it free?”

The advertiser on this forum wants you to try their offer, so they have chosen our site to facilitate the transfer. To allow you the opportunity to experience their product, service, or famous family recipe. Qualify and you can get it for free!

Is there any obligation to fulfill?

There may be. There should be, the advertiser after all wishes to appeal to certain demographics. Read the offer carefully. If you thereafter qualify, then enjoy.

Can I advertise in this forum?

Of course! We readily accept new and exciting offers for our expanding audience, from valiant advertiser who truly believe in their enterprise. Are you one of them?

What is an Advocate?

An Advocate can be someone who personally advertises as a merchant owner, sponsoring a student in their higher educational goals.
Or a student who causes a merchant to advertise in this forum and receives a commission for causing the advertising to successfully post.

Can I sponsor any student?

You can. And if you’d like, have your associated commissions paid directly to your sponsored student. Or to the institution designated by you, in favor of the student.

How often will the commission be paid?

Commissions are based on a generous percentage of the collected advertising charge, and are paid as often and the advertiser pays any charge. And for as long as the advertiser pays for services uninterruptedly.

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