What Is An Affiliate?

An affiliate can be either an individual, group, team, company or corporation! When you register, advocate for our strategic first-of-its-kind marketing, then cause the purchase of our services by any merchant, because of your affiliation a commission is earned!  Oh, its also residual.

Q & A

As an affiliate!

Advocate for our advertising services, and when you cause any merchant to purchase our services, you're rewarded with a commission. Oh! and it's also residual and easy to join!


Take the time to explore our services. Do they align with your qualities and abilities? Then don't delay in associating with our offer, today!


Registering is easy and rewarding in many ways. It assures your place in our platform and grants you the ability to expand beyond the common, to the extraordinary.

Affiliate Area

Once you have registered your account, you will be taken to the affiliate dashboard inside the members area. In here you will proceed to setup your payment account information where you can access your success!

We'll meet you there!

Three Ways

1} When you cause the purchase of advertising services on our site, your commission is 45% of the agreed upon rate. That can be enticing! Surely rewarding!

2} When your first line sponsored affiliate causes the purchase of advertising on our site, your commission is 10%. Applies to his/her personal sales, only!

3} Both commission structures are paid residually!
This means that for as long as your customer pays for services, you will receive the corresponding commission. Who does that? We do!

We have provided some handy tools that will make your efforts render greater results. In your Dashboard, review all "Creatives" these can be downloaded and printed for a more tactful presentation.

Free is powerful, even here!

This new "Gig" is worth my time!

When residuals serve the masses, everything is included. This “Gig” produces for you not just incomes, but residual incomes. Present, and future!

Help 2 Pay 4 College!

Actively advocating for your new “Gig” can help fund your college studies? Yes!

Mission Possible!

Support for the the great mission. A replacement for the “tithe”? Who does this? We do!

Junior Affiliate? Yes!

“Yes! When you grow up, you’ll still be able to get it for free. I promise”