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  • December 23, 2023 9:12 pm
  • Kabale Uganda

You want to come! We want you to come! Take this tour free of purchase! We’re inviting University students from the Sovereign nation of India, to spend a week with us. Your tour is free for up to 5 five of you. You must show your certification of current wild life preservation classes, Identification, and other documentation to receive this offer. Book through this website, and present confirmation certification when requested! Contact us for details @ 1.559.749.8974 or the merchant in the text below. Necessities outside of this offer, is the explicit responsibility of any who accept and are granted this offer!

Trekkers Luxury Safaris
Unveiling East Africa’s Wonders for a Purposeful Journey
Are you ready to embark on a journey that transcends ordinary travel? Welcome to Trekkers Luxury Safaris, where adventure meets impact in the heart of East Africa. We invite you to experience the magic of our treasured landscapes, vibrant cultures, and remarkable wildlife, all while making a meaningful contribution to local communities and the environment.

Our Vision
Trekkers Luxury Safaris is not just a safari operator; we are pioneers of purposeful travel. Our vision is to create a transformative and unforgettable experience for travelers seeking more than just a vacation. We blend the thrill of exploration with a commitment to cultural enrichment, environmental preservation, and community empowerment.

Safari with a Soul
Picture yourself in the midst of a captivating wildlife safari, guided by our knowledgeable and caring experts. Trek through lush forests to encounter gorillas in their natural habitat, witness the majestic migration of wildebeests, and capture breathtaking moments with East Africa’s diverse wildlife. But what truly sets us apart is our unwavering dedication to responsible tourism, ensuring that your journey leaves a positive footprint.

Beyond Boundaries
At Trekkers Luxury Safaris, our itineraries are meticulously crafted to immerse you in the heart of local life. Engage with indigenous communities, participate in authentic cultural exchanges, and leave a lasting impact through our innovative hospitality internship programs. By connecting with locals, you’re not just a traveler; you’re a catalyst for change.


Conservation with Every Step
We are committed to preserving the natural wonders of East Africa for generations to come. Our expeditions are designed to contribute to conservation efforts, whether it’s through sustainable mountain climbing practices, educational birding experiences, or supporting vital primate protection projects. Your adventure becomes a force for good.

Your Journey, Your Legacy
Trekkers Luxury Safaris is a journey of purpose, passion, and partnership. As a socially responsible safari operator, we collaborate with esteemed organizations to enhance our programs and maximize our positive impact. By choosing us, you’re not just embarking on a remarkable adventure; you’re investing in the well-being of East African communities and ecosystems.

Contact Us
Are you Ready to embark on your transformative expedition? Reach out to our dedicated Team Leader, Dancan Dan Twesigye, based in the enchanting town of Kabale, Uganda. Whether you’re an individual, couple, family, or group, we’ll tailor-make your dream journey that aligns with your values and desires.
Join us on a voyage that will leave you with cherished memories and a profound sense of purpose. Together, let’s explore, engage, and evolve with Trekkers Luxury Safaris
Your adventure awaits!

Kabale, Uganda, East Africa
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Kabale Uganda

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