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Treasures that include even the loyalties of future generations

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Finally a treasure hunt that renders real world rewards! You'll be challenged, you'll be absorbed, and mesmerized. This one is worth it, enjoy!

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At the end of the rainbow

The search for  hidden gems are not limited to small insignificant items. Our audience is enticed to find the treasures hidden in plain sight. This chart shows the level of interest and participation. Want what we've got?

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Desire for real world rewards?
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Discover our merchants treasures, when you do you’ll gather “rewards” for additional treasures. You can use that “reward” to get another “free” offer. Guess what our chain will be endless. Isn’t this nice?

When you place your treasure hunt with us, your store’s “treasure” is listed as a reward in our treasure hunt? Additionally our hunters from other offers are alerted that they can find “treasure” at your store! Isn’t this nice?

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I’d like to sponsor a treasure hunt! I’ll need to register as an affiliate, create it, then earn the commissions for doing so! This is so nice!