Our Mission Statement

In this forum we make the durable connection between businesses and their future customer.

Businesses are excited about the method of how we bring them customers. The customer loves the ability to experience what was once unknown to them. The advantage is not in promoting another advertisement, but provoking genuine interest in your offer.

Business owners often are proud of their service, recipe, or product. Here it is tested in the real world.
Is your recipe so distinct that any will enjoy its taste? Is your service so unique, that only you do it with such quality?

We will present it to our arena of admirers. Will it be sufficiently satisfactory to our increasing numbers to convince them to be your customer?

Thus far none have rejected the concept of itsfree2you.com.

Our Story

My beginning was closer to retirement, than starting out. It was more like I was winding down. Failure was much more paramount, much more probable. Under those circumstances, what should I do?

Whatever it is, it better be something that will outlast any short foreseeable future. It is!

Therefore our approach is that this business must be more than short termed. It has to survive for generations, it must be strong, solid, honest and deliver consistent service.

Failure is not an option!

Every business has a reason for their passion.
Now you know what is ours. A better future for those whom we will leave in our stead.

Our Approach

Either you do, or you don’t! Once you start! You have to finish! Success or failure! Desire for success is important, but avoiding failure easily outranks any desire to succeed.



Why we do it

Are your children destined for college? Mine too..  According to the U.S. Government, “Student loan debt is now north of $1.56 trillion, carried by 45 million borrowers. Each with approximately $37,000.indebtedness.  Are your children represented in these numbers?

Will you help us, help them? HOW?

Simply by placing your advertising with us. Taking advantage of the free stuff or donating generously to our fundraising.

The seed has been planted! Here we’ll use established norms in the field of publicity to ease this crushing burden. It will require your participation. Are you ready?

Join Us!



Itsfree2you.com is an intermediary between its client, and you, our client’s potential customer. We as the intermediary, neither guarantee any offer, warranty any product, confirm any efficacy, viability, duration, or legality. It is incumbent upon you to verify, question, or determine beforehand with the sponsor of the offer, any interest you deem necessary.