Three Stages of College Life


You get there!


You're There



This program allows you to elect the stage you’re in, then use our “canvas to paint your masterpiece!”
You cause the connection, we’ll provide the services for your customer. Whether that customer is you, personally, a friend, acquaintance, or yet unknown. Here we work collectively for our mutual benefit, your customer, you, and us!


Set up a fund for your childrens' education. Before they get there!

You’re starting a family, you look ahead to your precious children attending a preferred college, to further their education. You have your business, and you’re going to advertise it, anyway, you have little choice! You choose, to promote your business. We choose, to establish a fund where our agreed upon sum, is deposited in an account, controlled by you, in favor of your child, and we advertise your business, at the same time! Who does that?! We do!


Encourage merchants to advertise with us, While you're there!

Nothing to do? Do this! Register with us, as an affiliate. Learn our system of advertising. Offer it to friends, family, and others. Now as an affiliate you will be rewarded for doing so, handsomely, in our opinion! Now the best, when they do, you get paid, the first time, and residually. Every time they submit their remittance for as long as they remain your referred customer! Who does that?! We do!


Advocating for Now, you can pay down the debt, after you've gone!

You’ve worked extremely hard to get that diploma! Here’s some reality, debt. Now you have no choice but to pay it back. How? We’d prefer that you’d register as an affiliate of and guide your friends, relatives, and others to place their promotions with us. Then we’ll pay you a generous commission, residually, as long as they remain your referred customer! Who does that?! We do!

Who is the itsfree2you advocate in your town?

Our audience is growing! Our influence is being experienced more and more! We are anxious to  have contribution from all sectors. Will you contribute?
Are you available? Will you be the one to bring itsfree2you to your town?