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  • When you have chosen your role, there is an attached description, and instruction, on how to establish your presence with our program!
  • After doing so, you will be guided on how to make a lasting connection that will prove to be mutually beneficial.
  • Thereafter, you will confirm your understanding of your chosen role and responsibilities, and complete your registration!
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Start a Fund While My Child Is Young

If you are parents or a sponsor of any child, and choose to place your advertising with, you can choose to allow us to establish a fund in the interests of your child quest for higher education, from the fees you pay for our services. You will remit 100% of our actual fee when you pay your invoice. We will partner with you in the furtherance of your child’s education, by maintaining a fund based on 45% of that fee that you pay us for services. We will retain 10% of your advertising fee for managing the fund. We will permit you, to make the choice of either withdrawals of  35% of our fee at your discretion, or you can have the 35% remitted to the College of your choice in favor of your child. You will receive confirmation of our actions!
Each time you remit your fee for advertising with, your choice is respected!
When you stop advertising with for any reason, so does this fund! See our list of participating colleges, then add your choice if not already present!

My New Gig

Choosing to represent is a serious task! It requires you to speak truthfully about our services, to recognize our mutual customer’s importance, and respect their hard work and diligence to have obtained their success. When you advocate or guide them to place their advertising with, we partner with you to generously reward you for having done so! How so? Of the fee that your customer pays for our services, we remit to you, the person registered and responsible for that connection a 45% commission. And what is more, that commission is paid each time that customer pays our fee, and for as long as they do so *uninterruptedly. There is no limit to the numbers of advertisers you may acquire, or location. Your schedule, your choice, our policy and procedures, of course!

*If your customer chooses to suspend their advertisement with for any reason, your commissions stop! If that same customer is acquired at some later date by another representative of, that customer transfers, to the new registered advocate.

Pay These Debts

When you advocate for, something magical happens. We extend a hand to help relieve the crushing burden of perhaps years to pay back the debts acquired, to have furthered your education! Our partnership will be considered unusual. Because now when you refer your friend, relative, or in general the public, to place their advertising with, we can send the corresponding commissions to the financial institute holding your debt. And what is more, we will do so for as long as your customer maintains their advertising with, *uninterruptedly! You can relax and those remittances instead of being remitted to you personally, will be forwarded to your chosen receiver, in your favor!
How much? 45% of our actual fee, because you caused the connection for that customer to place their advertising with

*If your customer chooses to suspend their advertisement with for any reason, your payments stop! If that same customer at some later date is acquired by another representative of, that customer transfers to the new registered advocate.

Fund Your Cause

You have your own fund or wish to establish one. Uniforms for the soccer team, help for the homeless in your community, etc. We will lend you, our audience. We will make your cause known! Should individual members of your group, club, or team, chooses to advertise with the whole team can benefit ! We will send the corresponding commissions to the group for their use!
For as long as that member advertises with the team prospers. Choose your team, or cause, you’d like to sponsor, register it here, and see the benefits!


Some funds and causes have existed for many years and render real results. If it is your choice, find them here and support their cause, we are glad to accommodate!
These have chosen our audience, you, to make the appeal. If is it your desire to have us send the corresponding commissions to your destiny, your advertising with is most important! Here you’ve decide to pass the benefits to your cause, you’ve decided to forego the commissions and asks our help in forwarding your request to your recipient.
Choose your ad offer that best fits your needs at, and when you pay the actual fee for services, we will manage the transactions necessary. 10% of your paid costs will be used by to oversee the completion, 35% will be remitted to your choice charity. As long as you advertise with, your remittances will be forwarded there! Consistency and reliability are essential to the discovery of medical relief, or to affect entrenched hunger!