Price Page

Find your desired method of publication, then go to our contact page, fill out the information required. After having emailed us your offer, we will verify and thereafter approve your offer for publication.
Allow up to three business days for final adjustments if necessary, then you will be notified by email of your publish date.

  • All Ads; Initial payment is calculated by paying the first full month, plus the prorated month in which the ad is published.
  • Payment is made through the following means, Cash,Visa, MasterCard, Paypal, Square, and other acceptable methods.

Popular Ad………………………………..starting at $400 per. month.

Preferred Ad………………………..starting at $500. per. month.

Prominent Ad/Post………………………..starting at $700. per. month.

Premium Ad/Link/Video……………..starting at $800. per. month.

Ads that do not fit neatly into any of the above categories, such as multiple locations, size of post, can be discussed by contacting us at

Please be aware that after an ad has been approved for publication it may take up to three business days to post.This is reflected in your first payment.


The following will be the most recent policy regarding “EVENTS” for our services to our customer.

An “event” for the purposes of is partly the following: Magic shows, concerts, State Fairs, rodeos, 4th of July celebrations, Slurpee Day, etc.
These events do not have a duration of permanence i.e. four month, six month or one year ad which applies to the majority of our advertising offers. Therefore when we encounter a potential customer that wishes to post their offer of an  event, we will respond in the following manner;

Choose a duration.Price per postCollect
Two weeks$200$200
One month$400$400
Two months$800$400*
Three months$1200$400*
Four months$1600$400*

When discussing their choice method of publication be sure to note that a customer can be billed automatically for ads only of *two or more months duration. However  collection must be of the minimum amount listed above. Be aware that there are ads that do not neatly fit into these or other categories, therefore it is imperative that any deviation be previously approved before accepting to advertise for any particular customer.

Thank you!