Pay Here

I chose the YOUNG FUND!

I will be promoting my business or product, and using the option of the “Young Fund” to establish the needed revenue for my sponsored child, to enter higher education, less burdened!

I've chosen to GIG WORK!

I will be promoting the advertising of various merchants. Using the Gig Work option gives me a unique opportunity to make extra money and fantastic residuals!

I've chosen to SET UP A FUND!

I’m establishing my own fund, to help where the need is great! Greater control of these helps are pivotal to directly impact lives! I can manage more closely the results! Access to a growing audience.

I've chosen the option DONATE!

Being a merchant or other offeror of services, my promotions will be widely seen!  I can direct that the commissions go to a specific cause. If it is not listed here, I can establish it , here and now!

Let's Pay DOWN the DEBT!

Thanks for the support! I’ll be sending my proceeds to the financial institution that holds my debt! This will relieve stresses that are always present! A well designed advantageous program!


I’ll lend a hand to the established funds with a proven method of uplifting those in need, or lack the means to face the challenges of their circumstances! Many are already here, or I can add my favorite!