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of 1927 S. Central Ave.
Visalia, Ca.
We established two new scholarships at
The College of the Sequioas

As a Student, register as an Advocate of itsfree2you.com, inscribe any advertiser as our customer and we’ll send the corresponding commissions directly to you.

As a Sponsor, business owner that is, register as an Advocate of itsfree2you.com, advertise your business in favor of your sponsored student, then you can choose to have those commissions applied to the college in favor of your student, or paid to, a specific fund, or directly to your student.

As aHigh School, establish a scholarship in favor of any individual student, a particular specific scholarship in the name of the school and grant it as a desired result of a certain accomplishment. or offer the scholarship to students who fill predetermined qualifications, such as, underprivileged etc.

As aCollege, offer a scholarship in the name of the college, and is granted to any individual, business student, who fill predetermined qualifications.

Commissions percentages are previously agreed upon and based upon our public advertising fees. They are paid to the scholarship, business, or individual for the entire term that an advertiser, inscribed by you in our service is active, and currently paid up on their posted ad. Each month, each time, for as long as they advertise without break in their campaign.
That could be for the entire term of your college period.