At, we help acquire customers. “Customer Acquisition”
That is after all, the eternal purpose of what business is all about.

We’ll bring them to you, but so will you; Through your famous family recipe, your unparalleled service, or your unique product, acquire our visitor as your customer. is a unique platform, designed to attract an increasing number of interested adherents, committed to discovering new and exciting offers by you, our advertiser, or better expressed, our partner in the “acquisition” of your customer!

An “Event” for the purposes of is partly the following: Magic shows, concerts, State Fairs, rodeos, 4th of July celebrations, Slurpee Day, etc. These events do not have a duration of permanence i.e. four month, six month or one year ad which applies to the majority of our advertising offers. Therefore when we encounter a potential customer that wishes to post their offer of an event, we will respond in the f ollowing manner;

Advertise, or be the reason that an advertiser has placed their publicity with us, here at, and you can have the proceeds applied to your cause;
Father’s Rights, Children Medical Issues, Lupus Research, Youth Sports
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