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GLOBAL HOMELESS INITIATIVE, Visalia, California, has launched this new, beautiful program to provide for our neighbors without homes a robust community for a return to dignity of living! Will you assist? How you may ask? Inform yourself of this grand project. Act! Then donate generously here!


This is a neighbor who supports its community. They generously donated toys and fun products, to brighten the day of our elementary students at Washington Elementary School of Visalia, Ca


You are deserving of our respect and appreciation for this kind gesture. 
Now, our community can repay your kindness by frequenting your business. Thanks Again!

Some Seriously Exciting News

Six Ways

Now is the time!

Start while they're young!

Parents, are you business owners?. Why not register your business with After having placed your direct  ad with us, (this is an ad that is initiated without the assistance of a registered affiliate), we can apply the *corresponding funds directly to the College of your choosing, or establish a fund in favor of your child’s future. All, managed by you! Help for your business, help for your child! Now that’s using your head!

Become an affiliate!

Start earning today!

“I’m here at college now, I finally made it…
I’ve found a new Gig. I registered as an affiliate and now, I can encourage merchants to advertise with They’ll get access to an entirely new demographic, the tax benefit of course, and greatly help to reduce my college costs, all at the same time! No more waiting tables or late-night pizza deliveries”
We'll provide you with access to your account, where you'll be paid speedily. As well as handsomely!

Lessen the load!

A weight has been lifted!

“This is not going to be easy! But, now there’s help. Additional income is just what I need.  As simple as registering at, then advocating for a friend, family member, or other person who is responsible for deciding to place advertising with, and when they do so, because of my making that connection, the commissions help pay back the loans I had to take out". You could provide us the institution's data and we'll see to it that they receive the corresponding pay that is normally enjoyed by our associated affiliates. What a relief!

Establish your fund!

Get started today!

Here, you will establish your fund. We will make it available to our rapidly expanding audience. Our adherents will have the opportunity to support your cause, to partner with your purpose, by means of our unique platform. Whatever your cause, our partnership lends itself to solving the problem of fundraising! Start here!

Your gesture goes far!

It starts with you!

If your desire is to donate to an already existing cause, or fund, the list of those whom you may wish to support is ever increasing. These have chosen our forum to permit you an opportunity to partner alongside them for lasting solutions, and we gladly establish that relationship. You and us, as a collective in working for real results! Start here!

Ready, set, fundraise!

Get Involved!

  • Setup Your Cause
    All of us are serious about something! We suppose that you are also. Start this fund for your church, your sports team, your civic duty!
  • Support Your Favorite
    We facilitate the transfer! They’ll appreciate all you do!
  • Partnership
    What an opportunity! Who does this? A partnership that can last a lifetime! All you have to do is register your business as an affiliated account, then designate where you'd like the corresponding funds to forward! Start here!

Here’s a truth! Compensation should be commensurate with it’s effort. At, we pay our registered affiliates 45% for causing the connection of our advertiser to post their advertisement with us. Wow! Who does that? We do!

Not only 45% once, but, how about again? When your customer pays again for services, you, get paid again, 45%.  Are we repeating ourselves? We are! Who does that? We Do! *Now see our FAQ page, so that you’ll completely understand. Isn’t this nice?

When you personally sponsor any affiliate to register with us we’ll pay you an additional 10%. of their “personal” production. On their immediate sale. There is no downline, no pyramid or any other levels

Did we mention that it is also residual, 10% for every time their “personal” client pay for our service. Who does this? We do! Make sure you visit our FAQ page so that you’re clear as to how this works!

Oops! There are two more!

Could this be? It surely can! It surely is! This is an exceptional opportunity for many. You've always wanted to engage the public. Now adjust your theme, and make an income producing enterprise that pays well. You're in the right place! Become an affiliate today! Call or contact us NOW!

Our Secret Agent is no longer "secret". Now that you know, listen carefully to what is being offered. You've always wanted your own agency. After all, you can gain unequalled benefits by means of it? Become an affiliated agency. NOW!

A tool that surely helps!

Our site is encrypted end to end! It’s needed nowadays, and its one way to instill in our users a keen sense of safety. We couple that with persons of integrity, and dignity, all to assure you, that our priority is YOU!

Does not come easy!

It requires hard work, being open, and frank! This is not a small job! We’ll have to work at it, perhaps over an extended period of time, but we’re up to the task! We hope that you’ll allow us to gain yours!