We’ve done it for you already! 
Based on our study, and exhaustive research, we’ve found that 99% of our public will not reject free!
Great numbers!

You could do another study if you’d like, however we believe that you’ll arrive at the same conclusion!
However free, is not a sale, is it? How then can our market research help you to sell faster? Here’s how!
Instead of flowery speech, fancy terms, and wise cracks, why not just offer it to a certain demographic, a certain amount, a certain time, a certain product, to our audience, free, and they’ll be there fast!

Perhaps you think that this is not a very effective strategy to attract customers. We’ve found that 99% of those who have received a product or food, or service free, has made an assessment thereafter.

And they’ll make an assessment of your offer as well! Will it be a positive one? Can it, your product, food, or service, be convincing enough that they will indeed come back for more? If it is as you claim, then you can make your sale!
If its really good, they may in fact, convert into a lifelong customer. Wouldn’t that be nice!

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