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$400 /month x 6 min
  • Our "2" Your Standard Ad
  • Auto Randomized Placement
  • Multi-Accessible
  • No Geo Adjacency
  • Small Business Preferred


$475 /month x 6 min
  • Our "2" Your Standard Ad
  • Auto Randomized Placement
  • Multi-Accessible
  • Geo Adjacency to 2.5 miles
  • Better Exposure


$550 / month x 6 min
  • Our '2' Your Standard Ad
  • Auto Randomized Placement
  • Multi-Accessible
  • Geo Adjacency to 5 miles
  • Greater Outreach


$625 / month x 6 min
  • Our '2' Your Standard Ad
  • Auto Randomized Placement
  • Multi-Accessible
  • Geo Adjacency to 10 miles
  • Short Video Inclusion

Tier 1
It's named a "2" Standard  ad because by use of it, you have access to our ever-increasing audience on a robust advertising pane. It has all the attraction of & its benefits! This one is for you! 

Our "2" Standard stands out with colorful additions as well as random positioning on our pages. It creates equity by placing ads without regard to alphabet, or other indicators, fairly throughout our site! You'll have real impact! 

As you travel through our pages, you may wander away from an advertisement that truly interested you.  Simple commands will return you the offer of choice, no matter where you may have strayed. That was easy!

This is for serious viewing! The possibilities are without limit! Ping alerts will strategically alert our audience that your offer is  electronically beckoning them. Now if you like this, our Tiers 2, 3, & 4 can announce it far and wide! Your choice!

Video impact is powerful. Use an approximate 15 sec video, tasteful, and appropriate, to further describe your offer. Available on our Tier 4 option
That'll show 'em!

Choose carefully. Why?
Our policy is that once we have published your announcement, it is impossible to recover the response of our audience. Therefore your charge has been assessed. This will annul your possibility of a refund. If you desire further clarity please contact a representative!


$ 280 / for 14 days

Concerts, Movies in the Park, County Fairs, Rodeos & others.

*Got more than seven locations? We can handle it!


$ 325 / ea. 6 mo. min.

Same great service all across our network. Couple this with your original ad, they'll obtain similar increase!
Got a lot? Call for better pricing!

They're coming, from all over the world. Coming to all of us! FREE

Soon; Hotels, Lodging, and more!

Soon: Travel, Restaurants, and more!

Soon: Events, Fun, and more!

We won't be silent, now!

How Does This Work?

Your purchase of ad space on our platform allows you the opportunity to place your approved image, offer, message, location, method of contact, and other benefits that attract our increasing audience.
Your ad space is “open” for your continual editing. After all it’s your “Store!”.
Challenge your abilities. Explain how our audience can explore and discover your unique offer!

This subscription service, has a 6 month  minimum, and will continually recur! You could even pay to gain a higher desired exposure, your choice! As always your offer must conform to our policy!

Features include; Your personal Chat line with your customer! Change your offer, images, or demographic numerous times during your subscription! 
You are in control of your appeal to the world. 
Who does this? We Do!

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Another New Country Agency, added. How Nice!

FREE, the supposed impossible has come to another corner of the globe! Stand still and see the offers of such things as ; Hotels, Travel, Services, Restaurants, Tours, Local Merchants, and Help2Pay4College. That’s a start!

The treasures of Malawi Africa is found in the brilliance of its ideas possessed by its citizens! We, at nurture  all of it! From the least to the greatest, all equally dedicated to the betterment of their/our fellowman. How can this be? Watch us!