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$400 /month x 6 min
  • 3 Regular Ads
  • No Featured Ads
  • No Top Ads
  • No Ads will be bumped up
  • Small Business Preferred


$475 /month x 6 min
  • 3 Regular Ads
  • 1 Featured Ads
  • No Top Ads
  • No Ads will be bumped up
  • Better Exposure


$550 / month x 6 min
  • 5 Regular Ads
  • 4 Featured Ads
  • 2 Top Ads
  • No Ads will be bumped up
  • Greater Outreach


$625 / month x 6 min
  • 7 Regular Ads
  • 5 Featured Ads
  • 4 Top Ads
  • Each Ad will be bumped up
  • Short Video Inclusion

Tier 1
It's named a regular ad because by use of it, you have access to our ever-increasing audience on a robust advertising pane, that has all the attraction of's & its benefits! This one is for you! I misspoke, there are three for you!

Our Featured ad stands out with colorful additions as well as its position on our pages. Usually located in our 2nd & 3rd rows. Couple this asset along with your three Tier 1 ads and you'll have real impact! That's Tier 2

Top of our pages are the most viewed and responded to ad panes on our site. It permits first glance and first chance to capture the many eyes in search of your offer. Just imagine, 5 Tier 1, Regular ad panes, 4 Featured ads, along with 2 Top Ads. Now that's Tier 3

Tier 4, is for serious viewing! That's 16 different possibilities to be foremost in the minds of our audience Bumped up ads mean that yours will  be in the forward part of our site for 15 days. Now if you'd like to add a video clip you have our permission.

Video impact is powerful. Use an approximate 15 sec video, tasteful, and appropriate, to further describe your offer. Available on our Tier 4 option
That'll show 'em!

Choose carefully. Why?
Our policy is that once we have published your announcement, it is of impossible to recover the response of our audience. Therefore your charge has been assessed. This will annul your possibility of a refund. If you desire further clarity please contact a representative!


$ 280 / for 14 days

Concerts, Movies in the Park, County Fairs, Rodeos & others.


$ 325 / ea. 6 mo. min.

Same great service all across our network. Couple this with your original ad, they'll obtain similar increase!
Got a lot? Call for better pricing!

We won't be silent, now!

How Does This Work?

Your purchase of ad space on our platform allows you the opportunity to place your approved image, offer, message, location, method of contact, and other benefits that attract our increasing audience.
Your ad space is “open” for your continual editing. After all it’s your “Store!”.
Challenge your abilities. Explain how our audience can explore and discover your unique offer!

This subscription service, has a 6 month  minimum, and will continually recur! You could even pay to gain a higher desired exposure, your choice! As always your offer must conform to our policy!

Features include; Your personal Chat line with your customer! Change your offer, images, or demographic numerous times during your subscription! 
You are in control of your appeal to the world. 
Who does this? We Do!