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You've made your choice? Well done!


You’ve made a bold decision! We do not suppose that the road will be without challenges, but it’s a road that must be traveled!

Our objective is to lend support along the way.

The following will shed light on our relationship!

1) All of our choices require that you must place your advertising with for a minimum of 6 months!
2) You must provide the details of your fund, i.e. all required fields so that we can make positive identification for whom are we maintaining this fund! Or to whom we must submit remittance!
3) You understand that we may terminate our relationship for failure to adhere to the policies and practices of
4) You acknowledge we will return any credited funds in our possession at any time for violation or for lack of compliance with such!

In layman’s language; What we want you to understand is that, we are not interested in enriching ourselves using your funds. Our objective is to provide a safe place to promote merchants worldwide, and to participate in serving as a conduit for your chosen option!

See what working together can do?

Confidence Deserved

Earning your trust is not taken lightly!

This is only the beginning, of our corresponding. We will send an acknowledgment email verifying and confirming our establishing of your fund, with further information on how you may gain access, manage or cancel the fund!
When you remit the entirety of our published or agreed upon cost for advertising services, then we will affix our percentages of payouts using the following categories, in the following manner!

1) 55% of your payment for services will pay for our publishing services!

2) 45% of your payment for advertising will be paid, or held in the option created for you, or your designated recipient!
See how remittances are made in our Q & A, on our “About Us” page, or email us for more clarification.

Who's kidding who?

This has not been easy!

These are joyous moments! Well deserved!  Long awaited!

Now, soon hereafter a reality will emerge. The financial costs that may doggedly pursue, until it is satisfied! How are we going to repay these debts, we have little choice but to do so!

Ours is not the only way, but it is some way! You simply register, and after you’ve done so, advocate, and  cause the placement of services with us and we help!
We  even pay you, for as long as your customer pay their services! *See the details on our “About Us” page under FAQ

Who does that? We do!